About Us

Mission Statement

Finger Painted Hands’ mission is to provide early childhood education by nurturing each child’s emerging talents in a creative environment. Children learn by playing, exploring, making mistakes, and getting messy. At Finger Painted Hands, our environment helps children learn by providing engaging materials in a structured setting, giving them the freedom to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally to his or her potential. Our teachers observe and respect each child's choices and learning styles, and work to provide the best individual experience for each child's needs. Finger Painted Hands is committed to encouraging self-confidence and self-esteem. When early learning is a joyful experience, children become lifelong learners.


Teachers’ interactions with students should not consist only of giving directions. Teachers should engage in conversations with students, giving children the opportunity to begin organizing thoughts. When the conversations focus on work, children develop an understanding and interest in continuing their education. When teachers focus on topics outside of the school, children begin to learn social skills and manners.

At Finger Painted Hands, children are encouraged to plan their own activities. As their year progresses, they will be encouraged to make their plans more complex. Children are encouraged to assist teachers, and sometimes take on leadership roles with their fellow students. We believe too much adult intervention can be just as harmful as too little. Students at Finger Painted Hands are given the room and ability to make mistakes, both socially and academically. Our teachers provide guidance for children to rectify their own mistakes, helping children develop social competence.