Our Handprint



Welcome to Finger Painted Hands!

Finger Painted Hands was founded in 2011 by two moms, Amanda Daluz a master builder and a master educator who wanted a community-based school providing early childhood education that was as hands on experience as possible. Finger Painted Hands is located in Manhattan’s upper west side surrounded by endless opportunities to experience cultural diversity. At Finger Painted Hands, we are committed to providing an education that is both challenging and nurturing. We believe in taking advantage of children’s natural love of learning and helping them develop cognitive skills, organizational ability, creativity, and independence.

Finger Painted Hands is a community-based school, our staff, parents, and children form a family. We believe quality early childhood education can have lasting effects. Our program is based in the research of Maria Montessori and Lev Vygotsky, and incorporates the best of evidence-based curricula. We encourage parents to attend our parenting workshops and other events as we believe that parent-teacher communication and collaboration should consist of more than twice a year conferences. We will work with you as a team, and your child will benefit intellectually, artistically, socially, emotionally, and physically. We appreciate your interest in our school.

We are leaving handprints all over the Upper West Side!