"Words cannot describe how blessed and thankful we feel for discovering Finger Painted Hands!  We enrolled our daughter in the UPK program at FPH and have come to love the teachers and staff because they are all such fantastic people who are very compassionate and skilled at what they do.  Their care and concern for the students’ well-being goes way above and beyond what is typically expected.  Our daughter had a blast during the school year, she made great advancements in her learning process, and she made some really strong friendships along the way—all of which had been lovingly fostered by Amanda and her team of dedicated employees.  We were impressed with the way FPH creates a community atmosphere and allows parents to get involved in the school’s activities, and we especially enjoyed the Halloween party, the communal Thanksgiving lunch, and the very adorable graduation ceremony at the end of the school year.  We love FPH so much we decided to enroll our daughter in their summer camp program, and she has been all smiles ever since.  Thank you, Amanda and FPH team, for bringing the love of learning, reading, and exploring into our daughter’s life."

-Leigh Ann 


"Love love love.  Great environment for our son, great teachers, great setting.  Feels warm and cozy and I feel safe sending our son here.  Amanda the owner is pleasure to be around."



"Finger Painted Hands exceeded what they delivered, we are so happy we have our daughter here!"



"FPH has grown into a community that has supported my family and we made wonderful new friends when we moved here!"



"Our son has benifited greatly with the one on one attention FPH's amazing staff has offered"



"Thank you FPH for giving us the opportunity to have the best of both worlds with FPH in the morning and PS 9 afternoon Pre-K"



"We have been with FPH from the day they opened their doors and remember walking through a construction site and was not sure if they were going to be ready for our sons first day of school.  Amanda was confident the job was going to be done and ready for our sons first day, and it was! The school is amazing and our little one is now there too!!!!"